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Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow

I'm Samantha, Im 16 and im completely obsessed with SNL. When I grow up I hope to be a writer on the show! I also love The Office, Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, Arrested Development and Castle. You see that follow button... I'd tap that

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r u ever scared to walk past a group of teenagers even though you are also a teenager


a lot of people ask me how to get followers, this shows you a great way to gain quickly!!


i hate bugs that fly, jump, crawl, dougie, twerk, 2 step, all that shit


*opens 27 snapchats and doesn’t reply to a single one*


I didn’t wanna do my geo hw so I stitched this cracker to the arm of the couch



awh there’s a ladybug on my screen


"Billy where is your homework?"

"im sorry Ms. Klein my dog- *sees dog in the window make a throat cutting motion* -gone cat ate it”